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December babies are special, with the holiday joys that come along with them! They command not one, but 3 different birthstones to represent their unique styles and wonderful personalities. 

December birthstones are a special as their birth people, powerful and beautiful in their own rights. For those born in December, the birthstones all have one thing in common, the varied richness of the many hues of blue. 



This gorgeous zoisite carries a rare blue variety that, when high heat is applied, produces a spectacular bluish-purple colour that can range from light to deep. Tiffany & Co. showed the beauty of Tanzanite to the world and began selling their exclusive tanzanite jewellery. Designs began in the 1960s, and are now favourite art deco and vintage collectables today. 

Tanzanite Meanings

This luxurious stone is all about love. It provides success, love and relaxation as a very spiritual stone. It is all about the heart and the dreams of prosperity to the mind. It is considered magical and inspiring. Love and peace are its central strengths.

Famous Tanzanite Jewellery Fans

Beyonce & Jay Z, Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, Kate Middleton & Sophia Vergara have all shown off their spectacular jewellery pieces of Tanzanite.


Keshett Birthstone Blogs Blogs   Blue Zircon

Zircon is an Australian treasure that goes back into the farthest reaches of history. With 37% of the strong and bright stone, Zircon coming from Australia, it is more rare than a diamond in its clearest form, and yet can still be purchased for much less. This surprise price range comes from the confusion that Zircon is somehow related to being Cubic Zirconia. This couldn’t be further from the truth- it has absolutely no relation whatsoever. Zircon has been used in antique and vintage jewellery for hundreds of years and is treasured for its strength and beautiful earthy colours. Blue Zircon is the most popular for its beautiful colour. 

Blue Zircon Meaning

Zircon represents dignity and purity, and protects the wearer negative energy and promotes healing



Turquoise has been a popular and revered stone since ancient times, from the Egyptians to the Aztecs, and especially native American tribes. Turquoise has had quite the resurgence in popularity among today’s jewellery collectors. From it’s rich blue green hues to the white turquoise with dark accents, Turquoise makes beautiful jewellery in all types of designs and it is being worn across the globe in stunning arrays of jewellery. The United States supplies most of the world’s turquoise, from its mines in Arizona, Nevada, California and New Mexico. The soil surrounding turquoise is rich in copper and water, where these combine with aluminium and phosphorus. Copper creates the gorgeous blues and iron contributes the hints of green. 

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise is rooted in deep cultural significance and carries with it great protection. It attracts happiness, health, and harmony.  It represents fortune and success, and brings mental wellbeing, while protecting from negativity. 

Famous Fans of Turquoise

Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker and Taylor Swift are just a few of the famous actresses, models and celebrities recently seen wearing bold and beautiful turquoise designs. 


Whether your favorite December birthstone design is vintage, art deco or modern, there is a beautiful birthstone for you. Blue Zircon, Tanzanite and Turquoise offer a variety of blues to suit any December baby and bring them all the fortune and protection they deserve.  Find your birthstone style today!