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Art Deco Diamond Necklace
Art Deco Diamond Necklace

Art Deco Diamond Necklace


Transcend modern day tailoring with an artful play between masculine and feminine with a sartorial French Art Deco diamond necklace. Handcrafted in 1920, this piece showcases the pinnacle of Art Deco design, blending geometric precision with luxurious materials. Featuring a beautiful array of diamonds. With three diamonds at 1.30ct, six more totalling 1.00ct, and an additional seventeen diamonds at 0.39ct, adding a touch of opulence to this grand statement piece. Crafted in platinum this antique necklace is a true testament to the Art Deco era and an enduring heirloom for years to come. 

SKU: G2015

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Art Deco Diamond Necklace