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The Elegance and Beauty of a Classic and Timeless Gemstone

If you are one of the special people to be born in September, your fabulous birthstone is a favourite of collectors and fans from around the globe throughout history. From priests and kings of old, to Hollywood movie stars and royalty gemstone lovers, the deep-hued blue sapphire is one of the most exquisite and coveted jewels. Blue sapphires are traditionally the most popular, however, sapphires come in a wide range of colours, making fun and elegant pieces of jewellery. Whether a vintage luxury sapphire piece or an art deco design, sapphire jewellery is a timeless collector’s piece that is to be treasured. 

What Are Blue Gemstone Sapphires?

The mineral corundum becomes a sapphire when it forms in the colour blue due to titanium and iron in the crystal. The name sapphire is derived from the Arabic, “safir”, the Latin “sapphirus” which means blue, and the Greek “sappheiros” which refers to the island Sappherine where sapphires were mined in ancient Greek times. This September birthstone is truly a global treasure. 

Celebrity, Royalty and Sapphire Power – Celebrities and royalty alike are big fans of blue sapphire jewellery, in particular, the sapphire engagement ring.

  • Princess Diana chose a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by diamonds which Prince William gave it to Kate Middleton for their engagement
  • Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her exquisite sapphire jewellery, and today, movie stars like Jessica Chastain have worn her vintage sapphire jewellery on the runway.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her stunning 12 ct. sapphire engagement ring 

The Most Famous Sapphires in the World – From the Star of India at an amazing 563.35 carats, to the Star of Bombay belonging to Hollywood silent film actress Mary Pickford, the most beautiful blue sapphires have an incredible history and are aptly named for it.The Rockefeller Sapphire is a flawless cornflower blue, and the Logan Sapphire is one of the largest faceted blue sapphires in the world. 


Sweet September Babies and the Sapphire Birthstone 

September babies hold a special place in the zodiac with their birth timing. The September child is typically innocent and wholesome, with the Virgo traits of perfectionism, helpfulness, loyalty and wisdom. The deep blue sapphire is the perfect stone to reflect the purity and beauty of the September baby. 

The September Sapphire Birthstone Represents:

  • Reflection of the sky and sea
  • Power, wisdom, good faith, and trust
  • Purity, intuition and good health
  • Dispels negativity and brings strength & empowerment

Blue sapphire birthstones are a beautiful representation of those born in September and people all across the globe treasure them for their stunning and deep blue hues of colour that are perfect in any jewellery setting. Keshett Jewellery has many sapphire vintage & art deco jewellery available, including the below. Enquire now to find out about our sapphire jewellery range!