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Morganite is a beautiful and clear stone that has a delicate and transparent pink colour. It is found in hues of pale pink, violet pink and peach to salmon, however, the purest of pinks has become a very popular stone choice for a luxurious ring design.

First known as pink beryl, it was renamed to Morganite after the famed financier and gem collector, J.P. Morgan, who loved its soft and alluring beauty. Its pure delicate pink hues are highly prized in jewellery and are fast becoming a popular choice over diamonds in engagement rings today.

Facts about Morganite Rings

  • A durable and hard semi-precious stone-It’s a perfect stone for everyday wear in a ring
  • Morganite is rare enough that it is not a heavily commercialized jewellery stone
  • Rarity, lustre, brilliance, high clarity and colour make Morganite rings very valuable


Morganite’s Symbolic Meaning

Morganite is all about Divine Love. Pure and simple, it is representative of unconditional love and attracts and maintains love. Morganite attracts peace, joy, compassion and inner strength. It is an attractant to the power of divine love.

What To Look For When Buying a Morganite Ring

When shopping for a morganite ring, look for the clarity of the stone. The higher the clarity, the more valuable the pink Morganite ring. Morganite should show lustre in the cut and polish. The cut will also affect value, so be sure to find a high-quality cut, brilliance and brightness. Heat treating or ‘irradiation’, as it is called, is an industry accepted practice and does not diminish the value, but does enhance the rose colour and hardness. However, non-heat treated stones are rare and hence, highly valuable. You can also have a gemology certification to be certain that you are buying a genuine Morganite ring.

Morganite rings are stunning and clear beauties that are quickly gaining popularity among jewellery fans and are now widely available in all types of luxurious ring settings of your choice. Mixed with diamonds or other gems, they are a perfect ring to wear every day!