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February birthdays are a time to celebrate, with love and the excitement of beautiful jewellery! The February birthstone Amethyst is fitting for those born in this month, with its deep purple crystalline hues that reflect the peace and courage of its wearer. Amethyst birthstones can range from a light pink-violet colour to a deep purple with hues of reds or blues. Cut and design bring out the beautiful amethyst’s variants in February’s birthstone jewellery.

 Amethyst occurs naturally in rock cavities and the more well known geode forms. From tiny to massive geodes, these are found across the world, from Zambia to Canada, Brazil to the United States and are a very popular stone for all types of jewellery, including art deco, vintage and modern finished piece designs. 


Special Facts About Amethyst: Did You know? 

  • The Greeks loved amethyst and associated them with the wine god Bacchus. “Amethystos’ means ‘not drunk’ in ancient Greek, and the Greeks believed amethyst could protect from drunkenness, keeping its wearers sober.
  • Buddhists use amethyst for Tibetan prayer beads because amethyst is believed to provide peace and balance during meditation.
  • Amethyst is said to relieve pain and sleeplessness, providing balance to its wearer.
  • February birthstones are a reflection of the babies born under the astrological signs of Aquarius and Pisces, as these signs are detached yet friendly and are popular people with lots of friends because they are so balanced in their perspectives. Royal purple recognizes their deeply regal feelings.


So many famous celebrities absolutely love their amethyst jewellery! Shown off as elaborate pieces in earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles, the rich and famous wear amethyst with eccentric style! Seen in the spotlight both past and present, with beautiful pieces are mega-stars like Lady Gaga, Elizabeth Taylor and her world-renowned jewels, Jaime King, Zoe Salanda, Diane Kruger and the lovely Sophia Vergara.

If you are a February baby then you know that the rich purple amethyst is a perfect crystal for any piece of jewellery from an everyday birthstone to a show piece for a special evening out on the town. Find the exceptional amethyst jewellery gift for yourself or that important someone in your life. There are fabulous amethyst February birthstone jewellery pieces to suit any taste.