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Australia has some beautiful and exotic products that are treasured by American shoppers. Purchasing products and luxury goods has never been easier (or more inexpensive!) than it is today. With the wide array of good things on the internet, we have beautiful items such as jewelry to ogle over online, and the detail can be quite exquisite with modern high definition photography, allowing for easy and refined purchasing choices.


Americans Love Unique Jewelry

The mass popularity of vintage, antique and art deco jewelry among American collectors has created a big movement in acquiring the finest and most beautiful and unique jewelry. Coveted pieces are becoming harder for American connoisseurs to locate and buy for their jewelry collections. Women and men shopping for wedding and engagement rings want to find original pieces that are not being worn by everyone else in the US.

The Good News!

Australia has some fabulous buying opportunities for fine vintage jewelry, and the US dollar in comparison to the Australian dollar (AUD), offers an amazing savings benefit. With $1000 AUD currency exchange sitting at roughly around $676 USD, the prices are incredibly low for American buyers purchasing from Australia. Australia requires their citizens to pay a 10% Goods & Services Tax, that American buyers do not have to pay if taking their purchase home to the US.

These combined savings account for nearly a whopping 43% less than the Australian dollar price for Americans. Talk about a discount!


Keshett Jewellers and Customer Service

Whether purchasing extraordinary modern, vintage art deco or antique pieces from Keshett Jewellery, Americans can enjoy the best of both worlds! Keshett has been serving their clients for over 40 years as the premiere, fine jewelry brand in Australia. Gorgeous and fine classic jewelry that are collector pieces are both affordable and luxurious. Keshett provides refined customer service for their American customers, with helpful and knowledgeable guidance for any gemstone purchase.

Take a virtual dive into the Keshett collections online, and browse the store for your favorite vintage and art deco jewelry or a modern, unique and timeless engagement ring. The 2019/2020 affordability in the currency exchange just can’t be beat- splurge, on you!


Learn the numbers and shop ‘til you drop!

Below are some average current currency differences- to help you decide how much more you can get for your jewelry dollars. Be happily informed that as an American, that you will receive another 10% off your jewelry purchase as you do not pay the Goods & Services Tax.


As of September 20th, 2019, $1.00 US equals $1.48 AUD.

  • $1000 AUD is only $676.00 USD
  • $2000 AUD is only $1352.00 USD
  • $5000 AUD is only $3380.00USD
  • $10000 AUD is only $6760.00USD

(All exchange rates change daily, these are closely rounded figures for accuracy as of this publication date)


Can’t decide what to buy? Keshett Jewellers makes it easy for their international customers – ask a question online at or using our contact form.