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The glitz and glamour of the November birthstones are celebrated in so many styles of jewellery, from art deco rings, modern necklaces and vintage earrings. November babies enjoy two beautiful birthstones to recognize their energy and vitality.


The Extraordinary Topaz

  • Topaz comes in many vibrant colors of the rainbow- blue, yellow, champagne pinks, oranges and red
  • The Topaz is highly prized for its clarity, hardness and beauty and an excellent choice for a ring
  • The blue topaz comes in Swiss blue, baby Swiss, pale sky blue and deep London blue- the most popular topaz color choices
  • It starts clear and is heated to bring out the beauty of the blues- topaz does come in a natural blue as well
  • The most valuable types of topaz are a natural, deep orange-pink known as Imperial topaz and the yellowish brown stone called sherry topaz
  • The beautiful topaz birthstone reflects love and affection. Its wearer is said to be strong and intelligent. The November topaz birthstone is a reflection of a healthy and kind person, who cares for the feelings of themselves and others.


Being so popular, the topaz adorns the fortunate, and is treasured by celebrities and royalty alike. From the Russian Czars of the 19th century to the modern British Royal family, topaz is celebrated and shown off by celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Katy Perry. The most famous deep blue topaz was found in the Amazon, by Max Ostro in 1980, and is the size of a rugby ball, in all of its natural and amazing beauty.


The Dynamic Golden Citrine

  • Citrine comes in light yellow to golden brown but most citrines are one gorgeous colour of bright yellowy orange
  • Citrines are a member of the quartz family and forms alongside purple amethyst
  • They are incredibly beautiful as artfully designed jewellery and have been found throughout history in ancient Roman jewellery as well as Scottish jewellery from the Victorian era
  • Citrines warm orange glow are considered a reflection of the sun and are extremely popular in jewellery today
  • Angelina Jolie donated the first extraordinary citrine necklace to the Smithsonian Institute

The November birthstone, citrine is said to bring calming energies to its wearer, along with warmth and good fortune and wealth to the November baby. Citrine is known as healing quartz and provides energy to its wearer. Citrine has beautiful and warm golden shades that are popular with the celebrity red carpet. Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Garner both have luxurious citrine engagement rings. Kate Middleton, and Titanic actress Kate Winslet, both wear citrine sets of jewellery, with a focus on dripping earrings adorned with diamonds for a vintage and classic style. Emma Watson, from Harry Potter also loves the shining luxury of Citrine art deco earrings.

Whether you love topaz or citrine as a November birthstone, each has made its mark in the fine jewellery gemstone styles of art deco, vintage and modern treasures. Anyone born in November would love to own a gift of citrine or topaz, to reflect their warm and wonderful personalities.