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October is a special birth month, with people born during this time being smart, talented and harmonious by nature. Strength and determination are special October baby traits, and the October birthstones representing them are just as beautiful and dynamic. The multi-coloured opal, as well as the deep pink tourmaline, are the perfect stones to represent the faithfulness and confidence of October babies. Jewellery created from opal and tourmaline are stunning and vibrant pieces that make classic additions to any collection.


Opal exhibits many beautiful colours known as ‘fire’, and the finest black or white opals hail from Australia. Opals are formed from silicon dioxide and water, and as the water seeps through the earth, it gathers silica from the sandstone. The water fills the cracks in the earth from faults and fossils, filling into decaying wood and vegetation, and as it evaporates, it leaves behind its silica deposits which become the incredible stone that is opal. The creation of opal is a magical thing, and the Australian opal is highly prized for its tremendous beauty. 

Pink tourmaline is the other perfect birthstone for October, created by nature from aluminium borosilicate. The manganese in tourmaline gives it a beautiful and rich pink colour. Whether a vintage or art deco piece of jewellery, the October birthstones make fabulous rings, necklaces and earrings. 


Prized by celebrities and public figures like Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth and Elvis Presley, all have treasured and enjoyed opal’s intense ‘fire’ colours displayed in stunning vintage jewellery pieces.

Showcased on the red carpet by Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Clare Danes and Heidi Klum, the opal is often a centrepiece to their award ceremony couture. As big fans of pink tourmaline, Selena Gomez, Gwenyth Paltrow and Christina Aguilera have shown up in front of the cameras wearing amazing deep pink tourmaline jewellery.


Special Meaning

  • The Opal: The opal is said to enhance confidence, potential and self-worth. It is light and bright and stimulates creativity. It represents justice and harmony and is said to be a protective stone. Opals come as ‘black’ or ‘white’, and either type offers beautiful color radiance that are said to bring positive expression and powerful strength to the wearer.


  • Pink Tourmaline: Pink tourmaline is representative of the virtues of love for humanity and sympathy. A popular stone worn by doctors, therapists and philanthropists, it brings calm and peace and is a perfect stone worn throughout history for protection. Pink tourmaline designs in antique and vintage settings are very popular today. 

The October birthstone, opal, is a beautiful design of nature that has no equal, with its fire it makes spectacular jewellery. Pink tourmaline is cherished for its deep colour and brilliant beauty when cut into the perfect ring or necklace. October birthstones are loved by people born in any month of the year!